Christmas Party and Annual Awards

On Saturday , 14th December we held our Christmas Party and Annual Awards Presentation for 2019, below are the details of members given awards.

As last year, Stephen Skinner our CFI presented the awards.

The Ab Initio Shield

The Ab Initio Shield is presented to the most promising new comer and for 2019 goes to Will Varall, who made solo at 15, the youngest member to do so in living memory.

The Bowles Cup

The Bowles Cup is for the Best Flight of the year. There were a number of such flights in 2019 but, the award goes to David Copper who at 17 years old, after practising his Silver Flight to Challock a number of times on the Club's Simulator, then went on do it for real. Thanks also goes to the support team who helped David achieve this milestone in his flying career

The Club Shield

The Club Shield is awarded to a member who is a natural encourager. Rob Cray has done just that by helping to run some of our courses and guiding members through their Bronze preparation and Exams. Rob has also become an Official Observer so is able to verify badge flights. The Club Shield was received by Andrew Price on Rob's behalf

The Bene Sanguinum Cup

The Bene Sanguinum Cup is awarded to those who work away quietly for the benefit of the Club, that's all of us! In 2019, Chris Spurrier spent a lot of his own time and on his own to refurbish the K8 trailer to a very high standard. Chris was not present at the awards so it was collected on his behalf by Nick Miles

The Old Warriors Plate

The Old Warriors Plate is presented to older members of the Club, of whom numbers are increasing. As you are all aware, behind the scenes, work goes on to run the Club and where a member's qualification from a previous life may be invaluable. In 2019 Alex Sansom used his knowledge of the Insurance Industry to get the best cover and financial deal for us all in this area

The Joyce and Fred Head Cup

Continuing the theme of getting old, many of us who are retired (that's most of us) don't know how we managed to fit a job/career in around all the other things we do now. A recent retiree, who can't stop smiling has just moved into this situation and is now doing amazing work around the Club, making Brian Liddiard a worthy recipient of the Joyce and Fred Head Cup

The Roger Warren Shield

In memory of our great friend and member Roger Warren we have instituted The Roger Warren Shield, this award goes to the best improved Instructor. For 2019 Joe Middleton spent a lot of time helping out in his first year as a Basic Instructor at the Club and therefore has collected the award. We would also like to thank Joe for his work on maintaining the Club's radio equipment to a very high standard.

The President's Cup

The President's Cup has not been presented for a long time however in 2019 we have a very worthy recipient, John Weddell. John has served the Club for a long time and in many roles, some not so enjoyable, others more so. He has been Club Chairman through difficult times and helped to sort out bad situations. As an instructor who never pushes himself forward but diligently helps on Courses and generally runs Wednesday Club Days where he will stand by you with integrity and support you with wise words. He also does much behind the scenes for the benefit of the Club and us all. If that was not enough he will jump(?) into Foxtrot Papa and fly a few Aerotows!

Special Thanks

Goes to Steve Skinner. Thank you for taking on the position of CFI and for all you have done making this club more friendly, bringing us your skills and knowledge, especially in dealing with the work being done on the field. The Chairman has said on behalf of all members 'we are indebted to you'. With semi-retirement coming soon we hope this will give more time to be at the Club.