Courses and Flying Weeks

Flying Weeks Pre Registration

  • Flying Weeks (including Back To Flying Weeks) will be run as follows

  • Open to all Solo Pilots (including Blue Card pilots) only

  • Some advanced tuition may be available to Solo Pilots as will any required check flights

  • No Student  instruction will be available

  • Trail Lessons will be flown subject to aircraft and Basic Instructor availability

  • All members are Invited to come along to provide ground crew support to make these days work

  • We ask that  Solo Pilots to pre-book these days so the instructors can better plan the day for everybody

How to register your attendance as a Pilot to our Flying Weeks

We ask that all Solo Pilots (Blue Card and above) pre-register the days that you will attend. To do this please select the Week from the table below then press the View / Edit button to view the listing of Pilots attending. From here you may :- 


  • Add your name to the list

  • Change the days that you will attend 

    • If you wish to cancel the week just set all days to 'No'




  • Your Name must be given

  • The list is in order of booking and will be used to prioritise the flying order

Week Selector

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