Flying With Us

  • Almost anyone can learn to fly a glider. Instruction is done in dual control, two seat gliders by experienced and qualified instructors.

  • As you gain experience you may also train with us to fly as a powered pilot to a basic level.

  • Gliders are launched by winch or aerotow in most weather conditions on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays throughout the year.

  • All club members play a part in the day to day flying operations, so you will be fully involved and making new friends from the start.

  • Read on for more information on our flying activties or click on the image below to download our brochure

Learning to Glide

 Trial Lesson

Your first flight will be a Trial Lesson. During this flight, which will last around 20 minutes, you will be shown how to control the glider and given the chance to try the controls yourself. Go to the Trial Lesson Page to book.

 Training to Solo

Once you have joined the club, you will learn more about flying and airmanship. You will also learn theory of flight and skills such as navigation, weather forecasting and the laws and rules of the air.


The early part of your training will be aerotow only to maximise progress. At a later stage we will introduce winch launching to provide more practice in circuit planning and landing.


Most people take between 50 and 100 flights before being sent solo for the first time.


The medical requirements are the same as those require by the DVLA. If you do not have a driving licence you will require a signed declaration by your GP before flying solo. 

 First Solo 

There reaches a point when your instructor knows you're ready to fly by yourself.  This will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life!

 Beyond Solo

Now the fun really starts! Flying on your own you will rapidly hone the skills you learnt during your training. You can attempt various achievement badges for distances flown and heights gained and take part in inter-club (or even national) competitions.


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