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Flying With Us

  • Almost anyone can learn to fly a glider. Instruction is done in dual control, two seat gliders by experienced and qualified instructors.

  • As you gain experience you may also train with us to fly as a powered pilot to a basic level.

  • Gliders are launched by winch or aerotow in most weather conditions on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays throughout the year.

  • All club members play a part in the day to day flying operations, so you will be fully involved and making new friends from the start.

  • Read on for more information on our flying activties or click on the image below to download our brochure

Learning to Glide

Glider Flight Experience

Your first flight will be a Glider Flight Experience. During this flight, which will last around 20 minutes, you may be shown how to control the glider. Please go to the Glider Flight Experience page to buy one of our flights.

An Alternative to the Glider Flight Experience to Start Your Flying Training

For customers who are fairly sure they want to take up the sport of Gliding we offer an alternative route to entry where you can talk to one of our instructors who can futher advise you of the most appropriate way to Start Your Flying Training.

Please click this link to see more about this route: -  Fast Entry Pilot Scheme

 Training to Solo

After your Glider Flight Experience you may continue your journey to becoming a fully fledged glider pilot. Our team of instructors will guide you through this journey with structured programs to ensure that every aspect of gliding is covered with safety in mind at every step.

 First Solo 

There reaches a point when your instructor knows you're ready to fly by yourself.  This will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life!

 Beyond Solo

Now the fun really starts! Flying on your own you will rapidly hone the skills you learnt during your training. You can attempt various achievement badges for distances flown and heights gained and take part in inter-club (or even national) competitions.

Opportunity To Complete Powered Flight Training

We are now able to offer Powered Flight Training in our motor glider to National Private Pilots Licence ( Self Launching Motor Gliders) level.


However, there are a number of important details to be considered: 


  • Individuals who are not existing members of ESGC who wish to undertake powered flying training will need to take out full membership and pay the associated joining fee. 


  • ESGC operates a credit account system whereby all flying charges can be billed to an account and settled at the end of the month. For this facility, ESGC asks for a refundable deposit of £50 which is held in a separate account. Full membership of the club also entitles the individual to fly club gliders under normal rules and rates. 


  • WE have NPPL (SLMG) instructors to provide tuition, one is based at the club the other is a visiting instructor. Pupils must make their own bookings with the instructor with respect of their availability and the availability of the aircraft. Club members can access, from the members area of this site, an online booking service to book and confirm both aircraft and instructor resources. Pupils will need to make their own arrangements for the payment of ground school exams fees and other training materials.


  • Our local planning permission restricts powered movements from 9.30 to 18.00 on weekdays and Saturdays, 11.00 to 16.00 on Sundays and no powered movements are permitted on a Sunday prior to a bank holiday. 


  • Motor Glider hire is £120.00/Hour wet. There are no landing fees charged to members of ESGC.


If you are interested please contact the club.

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