This Trial Lesson Experience is to give you approximately 20 minutes airborne and our aim is to let you enjoy the experience of gliding. On the day, your instructor will disscuss what can be delivered based on current weather and airfield conditions. Once at the top of the launch your instructor will release the glider and you will begin soaring on the wind. During your flight your instructor will show you how the primary controls work and then give you an opportunity to find out for yourself. Should you not wish to take the controls, then just enjoy your flight with spectacular views of the South Downs and the Sussex Weald  Typically this experience is based on, but not limited to, giving you multiple winch launches.


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Trial Lesson Experience

SKU: DV10001
  • Please note that:

    • There is a weight limit of 16 stones (224lbs or 102kgs). Contact us if your height is over 6ft 2in (1.88m) .​

    • The purchase of a  Trial Lesson voucher enables the voucher holder to enjoy 28 days temporary membership and the chance to fly as often as they like, within the 28 days, at club rates. (Please refer to "Pricing" page on our website for more details.)

    • You must download  and print off certain pages from your voucher PDF document, Please, carfully, follow the instructions on page one of this document 

    • Bookings for flights cannot be accepted without prior payment. 

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