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Oct 11, 2018
In Technical Bits and Pieces
The squelch control on a communications radio is used to cut out background noise. A higher squelch setting cuts out higher levels of background noise and vice versa. The old radios used in the Club gliders had a separate squelch control that operated like a volume control. Turning it clockwise increased the squelch setting. The new Trig radios operate in a slightly different way. The squelch can be toggled on or off by pushing in the volume control. When it is off all you hear is the basic background noise. (This a good way of checking that the radio is working!) When it is on the squelch is in operation using a preset level and the radio should go quiet until a transmission is received. This level can only be changed by going into the radio’s set-up memory; the procedure is covered in the Trig operating manual. The squelch setting in the Club radios has been set to a fairly low level, i.e. enough to cut out background noise whilst still allowing local transmissions to be heard. It should not need changing.
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