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Mark Fisher (Parham)
Mar 12, 2018
In Technical Bits and Pieces
Ringmer now has its own Flarm receiver at the aifield. This will mean that Flarm equipped aircraft launching and landing at Ringmer will be recorded on the OGN Flight Log and the KTrax Logbook pages: The status of the receiver can be checked on the UKreceiver list: In addition to flight logging and local tracking, this receiver should fill a large gap in coverage for the eastern part of the South Downs ridge run, and will ensure that gliders even at ridge level should be seen on the tracking sites. The following links are configured for Ringmer: KTrax Logbook OGN Flight Log Spot the Gliders:,0.04948&z=11&s=1&p=3&u=i Glider Tracker: As I am not a regular flyer at Ringmer, I have set up a remote connection to the system so should be able to do any system maintenance via the network. Many thanks to all who helped on this, and I hope the system proves useful to the club. The team for this project was: Mark Fisher (Parham) - receiver build, software setup and ongoing support. Adrian Lyth who supported this project and got committee approval. Mike Jeater - all local network support Will Harley - who made and installed the antenna mount bracket and routed the cable through to the server room.
Mark Fisher (Parham)
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