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Gliding is the ultimate free flying experience.

You can start your journey by taking one of our

Glider Flight Experiences

sampling the thrill of the sport. 

Gliding Flight Experiences

The first step to take up the sport of gliding is to take a Flight Experience where in your first flight you may will be able see what it takes to get the glider into the air and back on the ground safely.   Find out more by clicking the button below. Your Pilot will explain what is happening at each stage of the flight.

Join The Club

Following a Flight Experience or if you are a glider pilot at any level of progress we will welcome you to join the club to enjoy flying over the South Downs National Park just click the button below for more information

Learning To Fly A Glider

Learning to fly a glider is open to almost anyone and is one of the lowest cost routes to getting into the air. The club is able to provide tuition to a high standard. To see more details click the button

About East Sussex Gliding Club

Gliding in this area dates from the Itford Hill meeting in1922 and the club was originally located at Firle Beacon.


The present club was formed in 1974 as East Sussex Gliding Club Ltd is owned and operated by the members.


All the club's flying and management operations are carried out by the club members of which there are currently around 120.


The club is affiliated to the British Gliding Association, our sport's governing body, and all our training is given by BGA approved instructors.


All flights are made as members of the club, with temporary membership and glider flight experiences available to help you get started.


Our current club fleet comprises five two seat and four single seat gliders, with a motor glider available for basic and advanced intensive courses. There are approximately 30 privately owned gliders on the airfield.


We are among the few gliding clubs in the country to own our own airfield. We have a good clubhouse, with a social room and a bar, other facilities are available in our own workshops and two hangars.