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About Us

We are a Gliding Club close to the eastern end of the South Downs and the Sussex Weald. Hit the button below to discover more about flying with us....

Why Not Buy A Glider Flight Experience 

Take a look at our range of

Glider Flight Experiences

where you can experience the joy of pure flight

How To Join

It is easy to join our Club but we are sure you will have some questions about what joining entails so hit the button below to find out more

Learning to Fly

Learning to fly a glider is open to almost anyone and is one of the lowest cost routes to getting into the air. The club is able to provide tuition to a high standard.

Evening Flying

During the Summer Months

we offer Evening Flying for groups of people from local clubs and societies 

Members Area

This area is exclusive to members and provides a host of information about flying and Club operations

If you require more information please  user the button below 

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