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Visiting Pilots - PPR Process

Due to the volume of rain we have had, there are numerous areas of soft ground on the airfield. With the exception of aircraft in distress, the airfield is closed to visiting powered aircraft until further notice. 

Our planning permission states our airfield shall only be used for the purpose of launching gliders (either by aerotow or winch) or by Self Launching Motor Gliders (SLMG) including Touring Motor Gliders(TMG) and shall not be used by any other aircraft except in an emergency. We are also limited to only operate one tug aircraft . Therefore, no powered aircraft (other than SLMGs or TMGs)  may fly in. 


Contact the field on the Gliding Air/Ground channel 129.980 (8.33) (not continuously manned)


Note from the 21st March 2024 this frequency will change to: - 129.965

SLMGs and TMGs are permitted to visit but only with prior permission. This must be sought at least 24 hours in advance of the intended flight by completing and submitting the form  below.

Visiting Pilots Prior Permission Request Form

Please complete the fields below, those marked * are required.



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