How To Join

A Quick Guide to Joining the Club

Before joining we ask you to consider the following points: -

Weather permitting we fly regularly on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays and bank holidays. 

  • We fly throughout the year, but there can be periods in the winter when the field is too soft to operate.

  • We have no paid staff so the club relies on all members to help us to operate on flying days.

  • Members tend to arrive between 08:00 and 09:00 AM to assist with all the ground tasks (unpacking the hangars, launch marshalling, logkeeping, glider and winch cable retrieve etc) and will generally stay until the end of the flying day to wash the gliders and repack the hangars.  

  • Flying finishes usually at about 1800 or before sunset                                                                                                                                                                 

Limitations due to design of the aircraft: -

  • You will need to weigh not more than than 16 stones (224lbs or 102kgs).

  • Contact us if your height is over 6ft 2in (1.88m) .

  • If you are very short or light it would be advisable to sit in a glider to see if you can reach the controls

  • If you weigh less than 8 stones (112lbs or 51kgs) please speak to an instructor before joining.


In order to provide the quickest route to first solo we have adopted a policy of using aerotow launches for the initial part of the training as this provides more hands on time developing early coordination skills.  We then switch to winch launches to provide more practice in circuit planning and landing.  The time taken to first solo depends on various factors but especially on frequency of attendance.  Between 50 and 100 flights is not unusual.


The costs of joining the club are split into a one-off joining fee and an annual fee. These can be paid at the office at the time of application.

  • Joining fee : 

    • Over 25  £45       Under 25  £25 

  • Annual membership fee :

    • Over 25  £305     Under 25 £145           

  • Costs of flying: 

    • Aerotow to 2500ft:   £35

    • Winch launch: Over 25 years of age £8.00

    • Winch Launch:Under 25 years of age £4.00

    • Flying time: Over 25 - 40p per min

    • Flying time: Under 25 - 20p per min

  • Please see our Price List  for more details 

Affordable Gliding Scheme

Prospective or existing members on low incomes are invited to apply for details of Affordable Gliding Scheme which complies with Community Amateur Sports Club regulations. Click here for a summarised document on the Affordable Gliding Scheme. 


A document detailing the scheme including an application form is available, on request, at the contact details below.

Please see the rest of this  website for more details or contact our administration manager:






tel: 01825 840347


Membership forms can be printed using the link below or picked up at the clubhouse. 


We welcome you to visit the club on a flying day, just make yourself known to a member and look at how we operate.

Membership Application Form