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Flying Evenings

A Summer's Evening with a difference!

If you want to book an evening with a difference, from May through to August on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we run Flying Evenings 
for: -

  • Corporate Groups


  • Youth Groups Scouts, Guides etc.


  • Sports and Social Clubs 


  • Large Family Groups


For the evening we can provide exclusive use of the airfield, two gliders, qualified pilots and a ground crew. The price per person is £38.00  (subject to a minimum of 8 persons and a maximum of 16). If time and conditions permit some members of your group can take a second flight for just £22.00.


Interested? Then please use the enquiry form below. We will get back to you with available dates and take it from there.

We will hold some personal data as a part of organising your Glider Flight Experience see our GDPR Statement

Evening Flying Enquiry Form

Please use this form to send us relevant information about your Group

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What To Expect During The Evening

Usually you will meet up at our club house around 6:00PM where we will begin the evening with a short safety briefing, with that done we will get you onto the airfield by our Control Caravan. Each member of your club will be helped to get ready for flight and lead over to the glider where we will get you comfortable in the front seat. 


Your launch will be by a winch cable that will rapidly accelerate you to flying speed and then into a steep climb. At the top of the launch the cable will be released and you will then be gliding 'free as a bird' in the vicinity of some spectacular countryside. To complete your flight you will join a circuit to prepare for the landing back at the airfield.


  • For your comfort and safety there is a weight limit of 16 stones (224lbs or 102kgs). Please contact us if a member of your group is over 6ft 2in (1.88m) tall. 

  • We will also ask you to sign a declaration stating that you are fit to fly


Most of all we want all of your group members to enjoy a memorable evening

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