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Below is the written statement issued by East Sussex Gliding Club with regard to our

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.


Click Here to download a printable version of this policy


This document aims to:

  • Establish clear lines of communication for any child protection and/or safeguarding issue.

  • Avoid confusion for instructors, officials, clubs and volunteers.

There is a considerable body of legislation, government guidance and standards designed to ensure  that children are safeguarded from harm. These include:

  • Children Act 1989

  • Children Act 2004

  • Protection of Children Act 1999

  • Human Rights Act 1998

  • UN Convention on Rights of the Child

  • Sexual Offences Act 2003

  • Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010 document by the Department for  Children, Schools and Families


Everyone who works with or around children, young people and vulnerable adults needs to be aware of the laws that aim to protect children from harm.


Should you have any queries relating to this policy, please contact any of the following:

Safeguarding 1.png

The policy is underpinned by the BGA Child Protection policy and set of procedures as laid out in the 

BGA document Child Protection Policy and Procedures. 

If you should have any concerns about the immediate safety of a child or vulnerable adult, refer to sections 9-11 of the above document, but you should not delay; Children’s Services and  Police are always available.

Policy Statement
East Sussex Gliding Club Duty of Care

The East Sussex Gliding Club recognises that sport can and does have a very powerful and positive influence on young people. Not only can it provide opportunities for enjoyment and achievement; it can also develop valuable qualities such as self-esteem, leadership, and teamwork. These positive effects can only take place if sport is in the right hands – in the hands of those who place the welfare  of all young people first and adopt practices that support, protect, and empower them. 

Most youngsters happily and safely participate in sport under the watchful and concerned care of dedicated instructors and club members. However, the reality is also that abuse does take place in  sport and in some cases, members have been convicted. Every adult has a legal and moral responsibility to protect young people and disabled adults in sport from abuse.

The East Sussex Gliding Club recognises that we have a duty of care towards young and vulnerable participants and can help to protect them from abuse. (From Guidelines for Governing Bodies of Sport and Local Authorities, Sports Coach UK (NCF), NSPCC,

The East Sussex Gliding Club recognises that for Child Protection purposes, a child refers to any person under the age of 18.


East Sussex Gliding Club recognises that:

  • The welfare of young people and vulnerable adults is the primary concern.

  • All young people whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse.

  • It is the responsibility of the child protection experts to determine whether or not abuse has taken place, but it is everyone’s responsibility to report any concerns.

  • All incidents of suspicious poor practice and allegations should be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

  • All professional course instructors employed by the East Sussex Gliding Club are required to have a DBS  check completed. All other full cat and assistant cat instructors are requested to have a DBS check done. Where an instructor chooses not to undertake a DBS check, they must not fly with any individual young person under the age of 18.

Summary of Partnership Responsibilities

The East Sussex Gliding Club

  • Accepts the moral and legal responsibility to implement procedures to provide a duty of care for young people, safeguard their wellbeing and protect them from abuse.

  • Respects and promotes the rights, wishes and feelings of young people and disabled adults.

  • Recruits, trains, and supervises its employees and volunteers to adopt best practice to safeguard and protect young people from abuse and themselves against false  allegations.

  • Requires staff and members to adopt and abide by this Child Protection Policy and Good Practice Guidelines. Employed staff shall abide by East Sussex Gliding Club guidelines.

  • Responds to allegations appropriately and will implement the appropriate disciplinary and appeals procedures.

  • Shall make available from the club office and via the club website the BGA document, Child Protection Policy and Procedures.

  • Shall have appointed at all times a Safeguarding Officer and Deputy. Any club member shall be at liberty to refer any potential or perceived child protection issues to these individuals, or to any employee or committee member at any time, and it shall be acted upon.

  • Any club member becoming aware of a serious allegation of a criminal nature shall report the matter immediately to the police; this policy shall not override direct reporting.

  • Shall keep a written record of all reported child protection issues. Reported issues shall be recorded within 24hrs along with a record of the initial action taken. 

It is intended that all employees and volunteers working with children, young people and vulnerable adults will receive training to assist them in the recognition of abuse; the referral process; sensible  working practices; and to identify ‘appointed persons’ within the BGA and at club level, whom staff  can contact about child protection issues.

Safeguarding 2.png

This policy was adopted at a meeting of East Sussex Gliding Club, held on 12 October 2022


Signed on behalf of the Management Committee

Stephen Swan


Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

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