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Ultimate Motor Glider Flight Experience of 40 Minutes
  • Ultimate Motor Glider Flight Experience of 40 Minutes

    SKU: V008

    A 1 Hour flight / lesson including briefing and 40 mins flying time 


    Experience glider flying local to the airfield. After take-off and climb to a safe flight, the instructor will throttle back the engine and you’ll be flying like a glider. You will be given the opportunity to take the aircraft controls under the guidance of your instructor;

    For this ultimate experience you will have the option to:


    • Fly along the SevenSisters coastline and round Beachy Head before returning to the airfield above the SouthDowns hills,




    • Fly along the Brighton Seafront or to the Amex Stadium, returning over theSouth Downs. 




    • Explore the local countryside, including the South Downs National Park, and enjoy the view while your instructor flies the aircraft.


    If you want to take photographs while airborne, your camera or phone must have a wrist or neck strap, to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the flight controls.

    • Important Please Note

      Flights will need to be arranged by email as number of flights and instructor availability is limited.

      There is a weight limit of 16 stones (224lbs or 102kgs). Contact us if your height is over 6ft 4in (1.93m) .

      Please see our full Terms and Conditions

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